who is find my niche?

Hi! I'm Erin Landells and I love to help people understand their strengths, and be engaged in and inspired by their work.

Throughout my career (so far), I have worked for eight years as a Learning Development professional for the federal government working with some of Australia's best critical, analytical minds. Prior to that, I was a senior manager at Zoos Victoria. Over this time, I have managed teams from 80 people to single individuals.

I love to be challenged and I love to learn. I recently completed my Doctorate in psychology at Deakin University in Melbourne, am a Gallup-accredited Strengths Coach, have a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology from Monash University, and a Bachelor of Education (Psychology) from The University of Melbourne. I am an accredited Team Management Systems (TMS) practitioner, have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and am a PRINCEII project management professional.

My book, Find my Niche, is now available from my shop page.

I also blog regularly where I share stories of inspiring people who have found their niche, motivational strategies to help you keep moving, the benefits of a strengths-based approach, and I also challenge widely-held fears about starting a business. Subscribe to my blog (at the top of the blog page) to receive my newsletter so you don't miss an update!

I also host the 30 days of luck challenge - 30 days of challenges to see how thinking and acting like lucky people, and taking the time to reflect on what went well each day, can change our lives.

I also have two wonderful girls and I sail on the competitive 45-foot Beneteau First yacht 'Ikon' with my husband and his family and a few other close friends. With this crew of 13 people, we have previously won the Australian and Victorian championships.

In my spare time (!!), I love to read inspirational books- these are some of my favourites- as well as my own book!

But enough about me! This is about you. How can I help unlock your strengths and be energised by your work? Or have you found your dream role and you'd love some help with your application? You've come to the right place!

Erin Landells

Erin Landells

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. "

author Mark Twain

our values

  • Learning
  • Courage
  • Authenticity
  • Creativity
  • Challenge
  • Generosity
  • Accessibility
  • Wellbeing

find my niche faq

Who is gybe?

Gybe is the company behind find my niche. Gybe is a sailing term meaning to alter course or shift suddenly from one side to the other when sailing downwind.

It can be dangerous as the sails are always fully filled by the wind during the gybe.

Changing your life can be risky and scary, just like a gybe! We can help you change the direction of your life - whilst keeping your sails filled!