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Time to re-energise!

Erin Landells
Monday, April 24, 2017

Can you believe a third of 2017 is over already? It must be time to re-energise for the year ahead!

In my last post, I encouraged you to choose one word to represent how you want to live in 2017. Today, your challenge is to select an inspirational image.

I participated in this powerful activity as part of my Gallup Strengths Coach training.

We had to select a photo that represented ourselves as coaches. I loved the diversity in people's responses. I remember one coach selected a photo of an old train track. They envisaged themselves providing the structure and helping clients move forward. Another participant selected a photo of a teacher with a young student.

I chose a photo of the sparks from a welder. It reminded me of fireworks. I wanted to ignite the passion in people - to ignite the spark and see people shine.

Which image represents how you want to be or what you want to achieve in 2017?

I've included 9 photos to inspire you. You will likely think of others! Take your time to choose an image that is inspirational and speaks to your heart.

These more abstract words and images provide an energising theme to keep you motivated. I write about the power of themes rather than goals in the Find my niche book.

I'd love to see which image or photo you choose so please email them through! Or post them to the Find my niche facebook page so you can share your inspiration with others!

The Find my niche book may also help you work out what you are passionate about, what energises you, and will assist you to reflect on your personal strengths.

I also have a list of great books that might help on my website.

I look forward to helping you find your niche!


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