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The coaching process is a bit like unlocking the Pandora’s box of your future potential. It determines your strengths and helps you find a way forward, unveiling things you hadn’t considered. The most amazing thing is that it all comes from you. Erin simply helps you explore the possibilities and this enables you to look at things in a different way. I'm looking forward to making the changes necessary to help me get into a role that will allow me to utilize my strengths and suit my personality better than the role I’m in today.



Having been in my job for ten years and feeling a bit restless, I needed to work out some direction. I met with Erin from Find my niche for a coaching session. Sometimes you already know the answer but Erin helped work through my thoughts and provided ideas on how to make my situation work. I left the session with a list of actions and much clearer direction for what I want to achieve, thanks Erin!



INSIGHTFUL; ATTENTIVE; THOUGHT PROVOKING; ENCOURAGING and many more words describe Erin’s input into my growth! My coaching session and the Gallup Strengths assessment were invaluable because I had an initial Framework to continue to refer to, enabling me to stay focused and on track. Over the previous two years I had been working on ‘giving and living where I live’ which has always been important to me. My nagging thought however was, ‘Will I be doing anything of significance whilst making these changes?’ Each week after reading ‘Find my Niche’ newsletter, more thoughts were disturbed and more ideas created; this of course was a good thing. And then, the lights went on, the AHA MOMENT… ‘Giving of myself to others, whether paid or unpaid, is where my JOY comes from’ AND THAT WAS IT!! I KNEW I was doing what I was meant to be doing! A very sincere thank you Erin for continually prompting me to be the best I can be no matter what my age, my status or my social standing.



I wanted to write and thank you for our recent coaching session. I’d never explored my strengths before and appreciated this new perspective on myself. Exploring my strengths helped me see that I am well-suited to my current work and gives me more confidence in who I am. I am now more confident than ever in my future direction. Thank you again.